I get high on my job!

Niels Bjerring Bækholm, Sales Manager, KMD Viva

My team is small and agile and there is not far from thought to action. We work very close together although half the team is located in Poland. The first time we went from project phase to fully implemented solution, we got high on joy – because it is so hard.

My job

I am sales manager for our telehealth platform, KMD Viva, which makes it possible to go to the doctor via your computer or tablet. It is a great advantage for many people with psychiatric disorders who may have a hard time leaving their home. KMD Viva is also beneficial for doctors and healthcare professionals all over the country when they hold online video conferences and meetings. KMD Viva is a relatively new area in KMD which makes life a little easier for a lot of Danes and I think is cool to contribute to that.

We are a small start-up within KMD

It is cool to be in a new market. In a way, we are a small start-up within KMD. We are getting something new off the ground. And we are compelled by a vision of succeeding. Of creating a solution that is fully integrated with the needs, the users have. We must really fight for it and that means that you have to make an effort. That’s the cool thing about being a start-up!

Niels Bjerring Bækholm
Sales Manager, KMD Viva
MA in media science from University of Southern Denmark
Employed in KMD since 2012