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What's in it for you?

KMD Life

KMD Life is our approach to flexible working. This helps you be the best you. Most of our employees work from home a few days a week. We value output and quality, not hours spent in an office. It's why at KMD, you can design your work life to fit your real life.

Career opportunities

When you join us, you join a company making a real difference in many different business sectors. This diversity gives you a rich blend of knowledge and experience. Combine that with drive and initiative and you'll be on your way to new and exciting opportunities in no time.

Work environment

KMD is an inclusive company where you can be yourself. We know diverse environments are more innovative and lead to better business decisions. We take pride in making sure our work environment is welcoming, fun, and safe. This will allow you to thrive and develop, and us to be better together.

Let's grow together

When you join KMD, you join an ambitious company that will support your development. The better you are, the better we are. To help you be the best you can be, we use a proven and effective 70-20-10 development model. ​We want you to be proactive in your own development. That means we'll support you all the way, whatever your ambitions may be. ​

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Learning by doing

We know the best learning and development is doing the job. That's why 70% of your development will be sheer experience. We'll encourage and support you in taking on new projects and challenges, whatever they may be. We'll help you all the way — because there's no substitute for learning by doing.

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The next 20% of your development comes from your colleagues. Everyone can learn something new from someone else. Getting feedback, mentoring, and joining networks are development boosters.

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The final 10% is learning. We have a wide range of training courses. They will expand your knowledge and abilities, keeping your skillset razor sharp.

Meet our people

Experiencing our culture

KMD is not only about business, we also love to have fun together! See how we celebrated our first 50 years of contribution to society.​