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When applying for a job at KMD

KMD values and work culture

Thriving on our values and work culture is essential to succeed in KMD!

We go to work to make a difference. We challenge ourselves and strive to do even better tomorrow than we do today. We talk a lot, and we have fun together, but most importantly, we balance our professional and personal lives.

Application guidelines

Application requirements

When applying for a job at KMD, we only require you to upload a CV and your
contact information (name, mail address and phone number). All other information
is optional (cover letter, references, grades, etc.).
We recommend uploading files in PDF format.
If other information is required, this will appear on the job post for the respective

Application form

Your own personal account will be created when submitting your application. You
are automatically guided through this process when clicking “apply”. After the
profile has been created, you can manage your application and save it as a draft, or
send it immediately. In case you are applying for multiple jobs, all applications can
be handled from your candidate profile. The application process lasts on average
4-5 minutes.

Improve your application

In order to improve your application, we recommend the following: Customize your CV! Include examples from your previous jobs or studies, which are relevant for the specific job you are applying for. Keep your CV concise and in a chronological order (newest job first). For an added flair, feel free to add a picture. When applying for a job in Denmark, writing a cover letter is always a good idea. Here, you can elaborate on your motivation behind applying for the job and highlight specific points in your CV. Submit your application as soon as it is ready. Do not wait until the deadline as we process applications continuously.

Contact us

We are always happy to elaborate on the requirements for our available jobs.
Therefore, we always provide a contact person for each job on the job description.
Feel free to call this person if you have any questions.

After you have applied

As soon as you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will include information about the recruitment process.