KMD collaborates with a long range of the world’s biggest and best IT companies.

Because, for us, the best solutions are created as a result of collaboration in which our employees, customers, and technology partners jointly challenge the task to be solved.

KMD is a Microsoft Gold and Silver partner, and the Microsoft standard platforms are some of the cornerstones in our development of software and other solutions. At the same time, among other things, Microsoft Azure technology is behind our cloud solution.

KMD is a full-service SAP partner – and, which is not commonly known, we are Denmark's largest SAP provider. We have, among other things, built a HANA private cloud in Ballerup and collaborate with SAP on a HANA Center of Excellence.

Cheaper is not always better – but nor is costlier. Therefore we collaborate with other parties in selected areas in order to ensure competitive prices.

We have worked with Tech-Mahindra, who run our offshore center in India, for more than 10 years, and in 2015 we outsourced the operation of our IT infrastructure to this party. In the same way, in 2016, we outsourced the operation of our mainframe and storage to IBM who, conversely, outsourced their EDI business to KMD.