With our insight into digitalization and the public sector, as well as conditions in the private sector and the possibilities afforded by digitalization, we see it as our responsibility to help drive development.

KMD is constantly working on creating new digital shortcuts, and we consider it our responsibility to contribute with initiatives and solutions that support and develop Danish welfare and corporate competitiveness.

Therefore, we are active on a number of fronts.

It is natural for us as a company to contribute to raising the level of knowledge about digital challenges and possibilities via reports from our knowledge unit, KMD Analyse.

We want to contribute to the social agenda and, through active cooperation with decision-makers, contribute to the improvement of both existing and future political and regulatory frameworks and initiatives. We discuss ideas, specific issues, and visions with a large number of operators. We have representatives on a number of committees and councils, such as the government’s business council for IT security.

We are in a constant dialogue with senior executives, managers, and employees among our customers. But we do not only talk with customers, we also maintain a dialogue with industry associations and NGO’s to promote growth and digitization. These include, for example, the Confederation of Danish Enterprise (Dansk Erhverv), the Danish IT Industry Association (IT-Branchen), Local Government Denmark (Kommunernes Landsforening), Danish Regions (Danske Regioner), the Red Cross, DaneAge Association (Ældre Sagen), the Danish Lung Association (Lungeforeningen), Djøf (association of academics), and the Danish Union of Teachers (Danmarks Lærerforening).