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In KMD we regard it as a natural extension of our corporate responsibility to focus on our suppliers’ contribution to a sustainable society.

In 2011 KMD joined the UN Global Compact initiative and thereby committed to developing sustainable governance principles in areas such as human rights, employee rights, environment and anti-corruption.

We regard it as a natural extension of our social responsibility to examine our suppliers’ commitment to CSR and our own role as a sustainable supplier. KMD has to ensure that our products are developed under ethical and secure conditions with the least possible impact on the environment.

In order to ensure that our suppliers live up to UN Global Compacts sustainable principles we have a range of internal processes, which monitor and can help improve our suppliers’ workflows in regards to CSR principles.


Code of Conduct for responsible suppliers

KMD obligates our suppliers to ethical corporate governance. KMD has established a code of conduct for responsible suppliers, which is our starting point for dialogue with our suppliers. Our supplier code mandates that our corporate partners adhere to the UN Global Compacts 10 principles on sustainable corporate governance. We continually develop our supplier relationships and screen our main partners according to a wide range of CSR parameters. Our screening process and code are in place to send a clear signal that adherence to the UN Global Compact principles is paramount to KMD. At the same time the code is a basis for dialogue with our suppliers. We use these tools to reach our overall goal for supplier management which is: That all KMD’s main suppliers are in accordance with the principles for corporate sustainability set forth by UN Global Compact.

Corporate compliance

Our own house in order. KMD continually works to ensure that our internal processes are in check. We achieve this through our expanded programs for Corporate Compliance that encompasses seven main areas: Anti-corruption, information security, competition law, Contractual Risk Management, IP-rights, power of authority, document handling and storage. To further support these initiatives KMD has implemented a corporate whistle blower program. Further KMD is continuously developing IT-safety policies and programs which support our goal of more secure and correct data management. KMD is certified according to the ISO 27001:2007 safety standard, the ISO 9001 quality standard, the ISO 20000 IT-service management standard and the ISO 14001 environmental standard.