In KMD our social responsibility also encompasses our employees. Both in relation to their working environment but just as much in relation to the competencies they possess for manifesting KMD’s CSR.

By the high quality of our products and services KMD delivers value to our society. But we want to do more. KMD's employees are central to this process, which is also the case when we develop, maintain and update digital solutions for Denmark as a community.

KMD has a responsibility to ensure that our employees have a healthy work environment. That is why we focus on creating a framework which allows for the necessary flexibility to strike the proper work life balance. KMD offers generous retirement and maternity leave conditions and easy access to sports facilities. We believe in close dialogue between employees and their union representatives regarding work environment and employee conditions.

We also have a responsibility to ensure that anyone is welcome as an employee of KMD. We see employee diversity as a source of strength and creativity.

Climate and environment

Project management group is talking together

Facilitating a healthy lifestyle

Healthy employees make a healthy business. At KMD we actively work towards facilitating a healthy life style for our employees. It is important for us to create a healthy and positive work environment. Better health means fewer sick days, higher energy levels and a possibility for community creation amongst employees. KMD sponsors the popular KMD IRONMAN Copenhagen, KMD IRONMAN 70:3 and KMD 4:18:4 runs. KMD’s employees support the focus on health and wellbeing and in 2015 more than 400 KMD employees participated in one of the three competitions. In 2014 KMD employees on average had 6.37 sick days, 12.7% under the national average for private companies.

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Focus on talent

Diversity is a strength. In KMD we believe that diversity not only will strengthen our corporate development but also create a more versatile and inclusive work environment. At the same time we see an inclusive work environment as a competitive resource on the job market of the future. KMD has a diversity-policy and -strategy that aims to attract young talent that can help carry the torch from the number of older employees that is scheduled to retire during the next 10 years. Our diversity strategy is also aimed at ensuring gender diversity amongst all levels of management and cultural and ethnical diversity on all levels of our organization.