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KMD’s Corporate Compliance program focuses on the following seven areas: Anti-corruption, IT-security, Competition law, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Contractual risk management, Chart of Authority and Document management and storage.

All new employees are introduced to KMD's Corporate Compliance program through compulsory E-learning. Corporate Compliance sub-sites are available on KMD's intranet to provide guidance and specific policies within the seven focus areas.

KMD's Corporate Compliance program, including a Code of Conduct, sets policies in relation to KMD's seven focus areas:

  • Anti-corruption: We have zero tolerance towards corruption, bribery and facilitation payments
  • Information security: We manage information and data responsibly
  • Competition law: We act in accordance with competition law
  • IP-rights: We protect KMD's intellectual property rights
  • Contractual risk management: We conclude agreements based on KMD's policies
  • Chart of Authority: We respect the boundaries of our authority
  • Document management and storage: We adhere to KMD's procedures for document management

To support and strengthen the effectiveness of KMD's Corporate Compliance program KMD operates a whistleblower arrangement open to submissions from both internal and external stakeholders. Employees, management, the Board of Directors and external stakeholders can report any non-compliance with KMD's Corporate Compliance program, including Code of Conduct, applicable law and internal policies.

KMD continuously updates and develops its IT-security policies and programs supporting KMD's objectives in secure and correct data management. KMD is certified according to the ISO 27001:2013 Safety standard, the ISO 9001 Quality standard, ISO 20000 IT-service management standard, and ISO 14001 Environmental standard.

We have zero tolerance towards corruption, bribery and facilitation payments.

Eva Berneke, CEO of KMD

KMD's anti-corruption policy

KMD has zero tolerance towards corruption.

Linked to the Anti-corruption Policy KMD operates a policy on the use of gifts and hospitality.

The policy covers employees, management and the Board of Directors. The use of gifts is only allowed at special occasions and similar criteria are used for both receiving and giving gifts. All KMD employees are obliged to register gifts and hospitality when certain criteria are met.

Reports are subject to audits. KMD’s Audit Committee is responsible for the Anti-corruption Policy.

KMD does not donate funds to political organizations.

Read KMD's anti-corruption policy