NEC collaboration brings KMD WorkZone to the United Kingdom

KMD headquarters in Ballerup, Denmark

Together with their UK counterparts at NEC Software Solutions UK, KMD is now offering KMD WorkZone to multiple clients in the United Kingdom.

The first major public client is already secured, and soon, several other UK organizations may benefit from KMD WorkZone.

This opportunity arises from a new collaboration between KMD and NEC Software Solutions UK, both owned by the Japanese company NEC.

“In KMD, we have some excellent software solutions that under the right circumstances can be relevant and applicable for other countries. We have for some time been thinking and acting in line with that KMD WorkZone was one of our solutions with “travel” potential. However, it requires a lot of effort to get there, including understanding of your partners business and customer situation, so looking at all of this I am truly happy and proud that we together with NEC Software Solutions UK made this happen relatively quickly. So simply this is a brilliant example of what we can do in KMD and the NEC Group, when everything connects and supply and demands matching” says Per Johansson, CEO in KMD.

The good collaboration and mutual understanding have been key to the success of the project, explains Marco Fiorentino, Executive Director, and Head of NEC Digital within NEC Software Solutions UK.

"We are experiencing a demand for the functionalities of KMD WorkZone in the United Kingdom and are pleased that both we and KMD quickly realized this potential, and we are grateful for the great collaboration that we have had, and now we are just looking forward to getting this out to more UK customers," says Marco Fiorentino.

What NEC Software Solutions UK and KMD have found is that the features in KMD WorkZone's backend can be integrated into NEC Software Solutions UK's own user interface in their case management system.

"We have forced ourselves to look at KMD WorkZone in a slightly different way than has historically been done. This gives us a lot of opportunities in any sector in the UK, as NEC Software Solutions and we anticipate that there are potentially many customers who can use this," says Per Johansson.

It is the second time in a brief period, KMD is introducing one of its products to an international audience. Earlier this year, KMD Connect was launched in Japan.

About KMD WorkZone

KMD WorkZone is a digital platform with capabilities that support the various disciplines within public sector administration. KMD WorkZone has evolved from more than 35 years of delivering core business support to the public sector, trusted by some of the largest and most critical ministries and agencies within Central Government of Denmark, including the Danish Police and Justice area, the Danish Defense and Danish Tax Administration.

The partnership between NEC Software Solutions UK and KMD WorkZone started a little over a year ago. NEC Software Solutions has a strong presence within the areas of Government, Public Safety, Housing and Healthcare in over six countries and especially in the United Kingdom.

Portrait of Julie Hebbelstrup, KMD

Julie Hebbelstrup

Press and Communication Advisor