KMD is stepping up the collaboration with NEC

Hans Jayatissa, International Digitization Officer in KMD and NEC

On April 1st KMD became part of the new Digital Government / Digital Finance Division of NEC.

This means an increased focus on bringing KMD’s know-how, services and products to NEC’s markets in general, explains Ruth Wisborg, Executive Vice President in Digital Transformation Services in KMD.

“Across KMD we have a lot of things to offer NEC. Our projects, products and services have provided us with valuable know-how and experience, that NEC can tap into. We are already providing valuable support to NEC, both on the large global SAP consolidation project, G2, as well as working together with NEC to bring KMD Connect on the Japanese market and KMD WorkZone on the market in different NEC geographies,” says Ruth Wisborg.

KMD are already fully engaged in a series of exciting projects and activities in Japan, the United Kingdom, and Australia together with NEC Corporation, but now the synergy is taking another step forward. KMD’s former CTO, Hans Jayatissa, has just transitioned to a new shared role as International Digitalization Officer located in both KMD and NEC.

"We are entering a new phase of the collaboration with NEC, where I will be supporting the synergies between KMD and NEC to an even greater extent than before. This is particularly about how KMD, with our experience with public digitization and know-how, can support NEC in the development of their Japanese solutions," says Hans Jayatissa.

"Several of our Danish solutions cannot directly enter the Japanese market because they are built for a different culture and societal structure. However, we have a lot of knowledge, components, and services that can be integrated into Japanese solutions. Such a project is already in full development, and there is potential for many others," he adds.

In addition to synergies and advice, Hans Jayatissa will also spend time researching new areas in Europe that may be valuable to NEC.


Kristoffer Østergaard Kristensen, Press Officer, KMD

Kristoffer Østergaard Kristensen

Press Officer