KMD appoints new member to Group Management

Jan Gaardboe Jensen steps into Group Management in KMD and is appointed head of a new strategic business unit.

KMD has found its new member of Group Management internally. Jan Gaardboe Jensen is appointed new member of Group Management and will at the same time take control of a new strategic business unit focusing on cross-industry core solutions such as payroll, case management, data and ERP. 

”At KMD, we are in many ways undergoing a transformation that will ensure we are strong and equipped to deliver solutions that can handle societal challenges for many years to come. We must ensure high quality and value in everything we do. Jan Gaardboe Jensen has shown that he brings extensive knowledge and experience in software and administrative solutions for the public sector, and I have great confidence that he is the right person to take on this task and to contribute even more to KMD Group,” says Per Johansson, CEO at KMD.

Jan Gaardboe Jensen looks forward to embarking on the tasks and responsibilities that come with the new position.

“Bringing our cross-industry core solutions together under one strategic business unit opens some really exciting opportunities to develop our solutions and expand them to additional markets, continuing our work with digitizing societies. I look forward to exploring this in collaboration with skilled colleagues. I am sure we have great things ahead of us in KMD,” says Jan Gaardboe Jensen. 

Jan Gaardboe Jensen has been with KMD for six years leading KMD BASE and the work within citizen centric children, education, and labor market solutions. Additionally, he has been the CEO and co-founder of UVdata, which, as a part of KMD, develops administrative solutions to the public sector.  

About Jan Gaardboe Jensen

  • Jan Gaardboe Jensen has been with KMD for close to six years, leading KMD BASE
  • Jan is co-founder and CEO of UVdata, which mainly develops, supports, and sells administrative software to the Danish public sector. 
  • Jan is 45 years old and lives in Aalborg, married and has two children aged 8 and 12. He earned a M.A. in German and IT and Organization as well as an MBA from Aalborg University, Aarhus University and the University of Bonn.

Going forward, the Group Management in KMD consists of:

  • Per Johansson, CEO
  • Jannich Kiholm Lund, CFO
  • Ruth Wisborg, Executive Vice President and Head of KMD Services
  • Torben Mols, Executive Vice President and Head of KMD Industries
  • Jan Gaardboe Jensen, Senior Vice President and Head of KMD Essentials
  • Terje Kjøs, Senior Vice President, Head of Digital Finance and CEO at Banqsoft
  • Jette Singleton, Senior Vice President and Head of People & Culture
  • Na’Tosha Bard, Senior Vice President and CTO