KMD wins million deal for IT platform for five network companies

VISUE, established and owned by 12 network companies, has chosen KMD as a supplier of a modern and future-proof industrial solution in a recently signed 10-year contract. The strategic solution will support five network companies in the green transition.

The transition to green energy, increased consumption and new consumption patterns place massive demands on the energy infrastructure in Denmark. IT based on future-proof technology plays a crucial role in ensuring stable operation during the transition to more renewable green energy. To carry out this task, VISUE has chosen KMD as the technological partner to deliver the next generation industrial solution to the energy and utilities sector.

"We started the tender process because we needed an industry specific and future-oriented solution to help the companies with their responsibility for safe operations over the next decade. VISUE and the ownership group have from the start had a strong focus on the quality of the solution and the supplier's understanding of both the energy and supply sector and our specific needs. KMD has proven that they have heavy experience and insight into the industry, and at the same time KMD excels at being able to ensure a strong connection between the systems, which is important in light of the future we face," says CEO Claus Lund from VISUE.

KMD's energy investments bear fruit

Over the next 10 years, KMD will be a total supplier of a state-of-the-art industrial solution that enables VISUE's member companies to carry out their core task and act on the green transition. The delivery consists of four flexible and scalable systems with a high level of automation, data quality, and usability.  

"A thorough prior work has been carried out by VISUE, something which testifies to a group of owners with a clear vision of the role of network companies in the green transition and high ambitions for future IT solutions. VISUE knows what the future holds and they have not compromised their demands on the technical and business capabilities of the solution. We have had a constructive and enriching dialogue with VISUE in the process, which is why we are also very pleased that the decision has fallen on us. I am personally impressed by the engagement from VISUE and the member companies, and I very much look forward to fulfilling the ambitions of the concrete solution," says Benjamin Nørby, Head of Industry Sales, Industry Sales at KMD.

For KMD, it is important to be a contributor and technology partner in the green transition. In order to meet the challenges facing energy and utilities today and in the years to come, new and innovative technological solutions are crucial.

"We are very grateful for this decision and sees it as a huge recognition that VISUE has chosen KMD as provider of the net companies' new IT platform. KMD has great ambitions in energy and climate, and we continuously invest in future platforms that support the green transition and the new needs in the market. In our view, digital technologies are the fundament for society's green transition and the key to meet the climate ambitions," says Merete Søby, Director of Data Driven Solutions and responsible for KMD’s activities in the private sector.

KMD - with subcontractor Greenbird - was awarded the contract in a highly competitive field with both national and international players. The contract with VISUE concerns five network companies in the ownership group and amounts to a three-digit million value.


VISUE represents a wide range of the Danish utilities sector through a large group of owners and a number of downstream companies. Today, the owner and purchaser companies cover a total of 1.78 million purchase points in Denmark. VISUE's vision is to create value for both utilities, their customers and society as a whole. Using the best professional skills and innovative solutions, they ensure the monitoring and safe operation of the companies' systems and services. All the time with a focus on matching both individual and common needs across the supply industry. Read more at

About Greenbird Integration Technology

Greenbird is the leading provider of big data integration technology for the utilities sector and industrial IoT. Greenbird's flagship solution, Utilihive©, simplifies data integration and big energy data management to help utilities achieve the SDGs faster by accelerating the transition to green energy. From its headquarters in Oslo, Norway, Greenbird enables digital transformation in the utilities sector and drives the energy revolution. Read more at

About KMD

KMD is one of the largest Danish IT companies and develops and provides software and service solutions for the municipal, state and business segments in Denmark as well as selected segments in Scandinavia. The KMD Group has subsidiaries in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Poland. KMD has over 1,500 Danish and international customers from the public and private sectors, of which approximately 800 Are Danish and foreign companies. The KMD Group has an annual turnover of around DKK 4.8 billion and more than 3,000 employees. KMD is a subsidiary of NEC Corporation, a global leader in integration of IT and networking technologies.

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