In2media group and its Nordic expansion strategy now backed by Denmark’s biggest IT company

In line with its aspiration to be a leading Nordic player within digital transformation and enhanced customer experiences, In2media group – one of Denmark’s leading digital agency groups comprising In2media, BABY and InSilico – has taken on KMD as a new owner. As part of the growth ambitions, the companies in the agency group will be merged into a new powerful digital business unit with the name Charlie Tango.

KMD is the new owner of In2media group, which comprises three agencies – In2media, InSilico and BABY. Following the change in ownership, a new merged independent business unit is to be established based on the strong market position that In2media group has created over recent years.

In2media group aims to create value for the entire customer journey and includes on its CV the design of MobilePay and the launch of the Dankort mobile payment app. Overall, the digital agency group has enjoyed a decade of continual growth as the market for digital solutions has become ever more mature. The group is already one of the biggest digital players in Denmark.

“In recent years, In2media group has undergone a significant shift towards ever larger and more business-critical projects,” says the group’s Chairman, Tim Frank Andersen, who will assume the role of Chief Digital Officer in the new setup. “Having the backing of the KMD family while still retaining our independence gives us the best possible prospect for further developing what we have created over the past decade. We’re establishing a very attractive platform for our further development with the best of the business strategy, creative and technological worlds as well as the opportunity to create a really important partner for both Danish and international companies in their work of transforming to digital publication.”

“Within its field, In2media group is one of the players best able to combine detailed customer and technology insight into the entire customer journey,” says Tim Frank Andersen. “With KMD’s experience and muscle, In2media group will be able to excel and further strengthen this position. It’s our experience that the market is increasingly looking for consultants who can convert detailed technological insight into value-creating customer experiences.”

Charlie Tango – a new powerful digital player in a more mature market

In the short term, the plan is for the agency group to be reinforced with the technological, digital and creative competencies necessary to meet the increasing demands within digital transformation and marketing, resulting in an organization of more than 200 staff in Denmark by the end of the current year. The new business unit will be called Charlie Tango and will operate as an independent group of subsidiaries in the KMD Group.

“We’re seeing increasing demand from our customers across sectors when it comes to digital services. For some time, we’ve therefore been looking for a successful platform to build on and we’ve found the perfect match in In2media group,” says KMD CEO Eva Berneke. “We know In2media group really well from having worked together over a number of years and they have a strong combination of technological and commercial business acumen as well as detailed user and customer insight.”

In the first instance, the ambition is to consolidate the group’s position in the Danish premier league of digital and creativity. In the slightly longer term, the perspective is a solid Scandinavian market position.

“It’s of huge value that we work with many of the same customer segments. Both organizations have a high level of expertise across a number of disciplines, which gives us a solid starting point for creating good customer, product and service experiences for both private and public customers. With In2media group’s experienced team backed by KMD, we have the potential to make Charlie Tango one of the leading and most powerful digital organizations not just in Denmark but in the whole Nordic region,” says Eva Berneke.

A strong team with a high level of ambition

Charlie Tango will be based at In2media group’s current premises in Østerbro, Copenhagen. All partners and managers will continue in the new setup.

The senior management of In2media group, including Andreas Iversen, Mads Haupt Toft and Martin Nebelong, will all continue in the top management of Charlie Tango. At the helm will be 48-year-old Lars Bjørn Falkenberg, who joined KMD in 2016 from a position as CEO of the Epinion Group.

“I’m really looking forward to being part of this fantastic team and, not least, helping to live out our shared passion for using detailed technological insight to create powerful customer experiences and, as a result, high value for our customers,” says Lars Bjørn Falkenberg.

About In2media group

In2media group comprises three agencies working together to create powerful customer experiences for the entire customer journey. In2media group has more than 75 employees and in 2015/16 had revenue of DKK 69 million and EBITDA of DKK 11.1 million.

The three agencies making up In2media group:

In2media carries out digital business development through superb user experiences. The agency helps companies to define and implement their digital transformation strategy and conceives and develops digital products and services through user-driven design.

BABY is a strategic and creative lead agency that helps companies to develop and implement marketing concepts and content that create synergy and results across digital and analog platforms.

InSilico is a digital technology house that develops agile and accelerated IT solutions in the areas of web, mobile, IoT and cognitive integrating at a deep level with core systems.

About KMD

KMD is the largest Danish-based IT company. For more than 40 years, KMD has worked on the development, operation and maintenance of Denmark’s biggest IT systems. Today, KMD develops and delivers software and service solutions for local government, central government and the private sector in Denmark as well as selected segments in Scandinavia. The KMD Group has more than 1,500 Danish and international customers, including more than 800 Danish and foreign companies. The KMD Group has an annual revenue in excess of DKK 5 billion and around 3,500 employees. KMD is owned by Advent International and Sampension.

Contact information

In2media group: Chairman Tim Frank Andersen, mobile (+45) 20 12 84 22
KMD: Press Officer Christoffer Hellmann, mobile (+45) 25 29 17 84,