How thorough preparation of agendas can help your meeting processes

People gathered in a room for a meeting

The process involved in conducting meetings can be quite complex and contain several interdependencies between different solutions and systems. With the recent integration between KMD WorkZone and Agenda Management, this process has been simplified significantly and will allow a higher level of control and provide users with a greater overview than ever before.

As we have demonstrated in several of our latest releases, we are currently focusing on improving the overall connectivity with KMD WorkZone to reach our goal of delivering coherent and complete digitalization. This integration is another step in that direction, as Agenda Management supports the entire process of conducting meetings including the production, coordination and publication of agendas. All these aspects will now be accessible through KMD WorkZone.

Covering every aspect of the meeting process

Agenda Management consists of modules, each covering different aspects of the meeting process. The management module allows for easy and intuitive preparation of meeting agendas, thus lightening the workload of everyone involved, whether they are meeting facilitators or attendees. This involves creating a thorough overview of relevant agendas to the specific user and highlighting points of interest in each agenda, with the ability to request additional points. The system also allows for the creation of templates when dealing with recurring meetings of the same nature.

During the meeting, Agenda Management ensures the delivery of updated material to every single attendee through an integration with FirstAgenda, while allowing attendees to chat with each other or comment on their online platforms of choice.

Lastly, the Publication module will make sure that the agendas and reports from any meeting are properly documented and released on your internal network, at the same time allowing full accessibility to these in a searchable manner.

KMD WorkZone – Agenda Management integration ensures efficiency and simplicity

What does this mean for you as a KMD WorkZone user? It means that from now on you can attach a workspace of your choice to a relevant meeting created in Agenda Management, and track that meeting without ever leaving your KMD WorkZone browser. This eliminates the need to constantly change systems when dealing with cases that entail managing and documenting meetings of any kind. In fact, only the user responsible for a given agenda needs to interact with the Agenda Management platform directly, as meeting attendees can perform their necessary tasks from the WorkZone platform exclusively. An example of how this whole process plays out would be the meeting facilitator creating a meeting agenda through Agenda Management. Then, any attendee attached to this agenda would be able to access it through KMD WorkZone, review the presented material in its current state and post any recommendations for points of discussion. The meeting facilitator would then collect the various recommendations and adjust the meeting agenda accordingly. From this point on, it is possible to create a temporary draft of the agenda before the final release to attendees, allowing greater flexibility and minimizing potential errors. Following the meeting, the attendees will be able to easily search for and access the published material.

Full digitalization at the forefront of KMD WorkZone’s future

This integration is meant to reduce the time spent switching between systems and keeping track of meetings manually and helps further our goal of a holistic and coherent digitization. The experience has been streamlined to avoid any data lying around in unsafe environments and ensuring access is granted to the right users. The amount of information available to you as a user has also increased exponentially.

As such, KMD WorkZone users can rest assured that all relevant data will be present during the entire meeting process in accordance with the standards for security and compliance without compromising the user experience.

As a meeting facilitator you can

  • Access the meeting documents directly from a project or workspace in KMD WorkZone EIM
  • Use drag and drop to rearrange or move the content of a meeting
  • Use the Exchange integration to arrange meetings directly in the attendee’s Outlook calendars
  • Distribute updated meeting material if changes occur

As a meeting participant you can

  • Be certain you have the correct material
  • Access your notes and comment on any online platform
  • Chat with other participants regarding specific passages
  • Highlight important passages
  • Place bookmarks that you can return to at any given point
  • Quickly gain a complete overview of any comment, note and/or marked passage