KMD Energy management suite streamlines and optimizes processes in Denmark’s new national gas distribution company

Based on the elements in KMD Energy Management Suite, KMD has built a data retrieval solution for the new gas distribution company Evida. The solution must support a comprehensive IT consolidation process, streamline procedures and help harmonize the company's customer service.

In the autumn of 2016, the then government adopted a new supply strategy intended to consolidate gas distribution from three municipal companies into one state-owned company. About three years later, Denmark's new national gas distribution company, Evida, was formed. Besides consolidation of the gas network itself, the amalgamation of units has also set in motion a larger internal consolidation process, where Evida's cultures and processes are merged, and where there is a focus on unifying the company's customer service departments located across the country.

“At Evida, we focus on streamlining the processes and systems so that the former companies work according to the same methods and standards. KMD Energy Management Suite helps us get there,” says Maja Christensen, IT Business Partner at Evida.

At Evida, we focus on streamlining processes and systems so that the former companies work according to the same methods and standards. KMD Energy Management Suite helps get there


She explains that KMD Energy Management Suite provides a clear display of the many different metering points connected to the solution, so Evida has a good overview. There is an integrated online portal for customers billed hourly, so they can monitor their hourly consumption for a selected period, which means that they can optimize their processes themselves if they see potential benefits. The system also has full traceability, so you can go back and look up who has done what in the solution as part of a general quality assurance process. KMD Energy Management Suite provides an overview of hourly customers and connected M/R stations, so you can quickly see if problems occur, e.g., if there is a power outage or if equipment is defective.

Evida Syd and Evida Fyn have already been consolidated in KMD Energy Management Suite. In August 2020, implementation of KMD Energy Management Suite began in the last unit, Evida Nord. Work is expected to be completed in the summer of 2021.

About Evida

  • Employs approx. 430 employees
  • Owned by Energinet
  • Operates, maintains, and builds the gas distribution network throughout the country, distributed over 18,000 kilometers of gas pipes
  • Distributes gas to more than 400,000 customers - private and commercial
  • Will eventually handle around 20,000 remotely read gas meters throughout Denmark

About the collaboration

  • Evida uses KMD Energy Management Suite as its Meter Data Management (MDM) solution
  • The purpose is data retrieval from the remotely read gas meters, and this can be used for quality assurance, including validation, estimation, and conversion of large complex data volumes
  • Includes self-service portal and the possibility of producing many different types of reports
  • Specially developed gas module for the customer's business-critical needs
  • Based on open standards with flexible integration with third-party systems
  • Complete cloud-based solution, which is offered and purchased under SKI (State and Municipal Procurement Service) 02.19