At KMD, we focus on and policies for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, just as we set targets for the underrepresented gender in all levels of management.

It is KMD's goal to contribute to the well-being of our employees and managers. We have a Work Environment Policy to create a safe, diverse and attractive workplace, where all employees (regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, religion, and sexual orientation) feel included and treated with equality.

At KMD, we work constantly to optimize our working environment. We carry out statutory workplace assessments and act on the inputs we receive. We support worker associations and comply with the IT agreement between Dansk Erhverv Arbejdsgiver and HK Privat.

We practice KMD Life, which is a guideline that focuses on flexibility and puts the digital working life first.

Download and read our policies here:

KMD Work Environment Policy
KMD Diversity Policy

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Ditte Haugaard Clausen

Lead Sustainability Officer

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