KMD staff helps war veterans get into jobs

Together with a few other large companies, KMD has helped set up the Association ‘Welcome Home’, which helps war veterans get back into the civilian labor market after completing their service at the Armed Forces.

Helene Djursø and Søren Henriksen in the project Welcome home

Every year, Danish soldiers contribute to the maintenance of world peace by preventing conflict, war, and promoting the peaceful development of the world with respect for human rights. Conflict management and the prevention of war under the baking sun in Afghanistan against Taliban fighters require a wide range of unique skills and knowledge which danish soldiers acquire through their training and experience in the Armed Forces.

Since 1991, there have been more than 45,000 deployed soldiers for about 77,000 international missions. Most soldiers come home without any damage to their health (85%) ready to enter the labor market with their unique skills and knowledge.

Many of the unique skills that veterans have acquired are unfortunately not recognized by the civilian labor market because it can be difficult for veterans to translate their skills from the Armed Forces into a civil labor market context. "The people we want to help have some obvious qualities that our society cannot afford to leave unused. At the same time, it is people who have delivered a great deal of effort and put their lives at risk. They deserve a ‘Welcome Home’," says Søren Henriksen, a board member at ‘Welcome Home’ and Director of Strategy, Technology & Communications at KMD. 

Nicky Thyboe is one of the many veterans who have been helped by the Welcome Home Initiative. Today he is employed by KMD as manager of several Scrum Masters, whose task is to run IT processes and ensure the implementation of these processes.

"Welcome Home gave me access to a network that one does not have to the same extent as a former soldier. In addition to teaching me how to translate my skills from The Armed Forces to the civilian labor market, I also learned that as a former soldier I had already learned the many methodologies and processes in the civilian labor market. It is just another language that is used in the civilian labor market," says Nicky Thyboe, Head of Scrum Masters at KMD and former Captain of the Armed Forces.

Nicky Thyboe has subsequently set up a business network in the frame of ‘Welcome Home’, where he gives presentations several times a year to war veterans where he tells his own story and the process that he has been through since he finished his career in the Army:

"The idea for establishing the network was that we all have a common reference to the Armed Forces and ‘Welcome Home’ and of course to strengthen our network even more. In addition, it is life-affirming that I am helping former soldiers and colleagues entering jobs and benefiting the labor market with people who possess strong skills. All they need is a little help with the transition from the Armed Forces to the civilian labor market," says Nicky Thyboe.

Over the years, several experienced employees from KMD have contributed as volunteer mentors for war veterans at ‘Welcome Home’. KMD mentors help veterans focus on how military skills and experiences can be brought into play in the civil business community and help expand their professional network in areas of work that veterans want to continue their careers after completing service at the Armed Forces.

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