"Let's give something back to those who have risked everything"

Veterans can have problems adjusting to the business world after their service, which is why we at KMD, together with other companies, have helped establish the Danish organization "Welcome Home" (Velkommen Hjem) to bridge the gap from the military world to the business world. Meet three mentors from KMD and hear more about why they are part of the Welcome Home establishment.

I think there is definitely a need for this. It is my experience that it is people who are a little bit insecure with how they should take the next step

Preben Bech

Market Director at KMD and mentee at Welcome Home

”I joined Welcome Home as a mentor because I think it's a great opportunity to give something back to those who have risked everything,” says Preben Bech, who is Market Director at KMD and one of the mentors at Welcome Home.

Welcome Home has had a helpful impact on many soldiers regarding their journey into the business world. One of the mentors from KMD, Nanna Holm Thyboe, People Manager in Public Sector Software (PSS), experienced getting help through Welcome Home in the transition from the military world to the business world: "My path from the defense went through Welcome Home. I haven't had a mentor myself. But I have often joked a bit with the founder of Welcome Home, Helene, that she has been my mentor. And the whole association has also helped me."

Welcome Home Event 2022

In August, an event was held to celebrate the many ways in which Welcome Home, companies, the military, and the many mentors, help veterans establish a new career after their service. At the event a video was put together in order to create an understanding of the Welcome Home organization and the role of especially the mentees.

Watch the video and learn more about how the three KMD’ers, Preben Bech, Nanna Holm Thyboe, and Jonathan Kaihøj, all have benefitted from or contributed to Welcome Home’s work.

The Welcome Home association has won the "Take Responsibility award 2022" (In Danish: "Tag ansvar prisen 2022")

The association "Velkommen Hjem" has won the Leaders' "Take responsibility award 2022". Leaders’ (in Danish: Lederne) is Denmark's largest organization and unemployment insurance fund for managers. The purpose of the "Take Responsibility Award 2022" is to select local leaders who take responsibility. This year's “Take responsibility award 2022” is given within 4 categories: Voluntariness, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Well-being. "Welcome Home" was nominated in Voluntariness along with two other competitors.