KMD is a large company. We have more than 3000 employees, we run large server parks and Denmark’s largest print center. As such our operation inevitably affects the environment. For KMD it is a daily challenge to continually reduce our environmental footprint and help our customers do the same by developing IT-solutions that support sustainable operations.

Today the IT-industry's combined CO2-emissions are on level with the emissions from the entire airline industry. It is estimated that 2% of the global CO2-emissions originate from IT. This is a challenge that we as an IT-developer and -supplier take very seriously. In order to mitigate our environmental footprint we have a dedicated approach to reducing our overall resource consumption. These efforts have resulted in energy saving projects totaling more than 8.6m kWh since 2009.

To further strengthen our approach to sustainability KMD implemented the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management in 2013.

IT is not just a source of pollution; IT can also be a driving force behind limiting CO2-emissions. For example, the independent nonprofit organization World Economic Forum estimates that IT can reduce the total CO2 load by up to 15%.

In KMD we offer a range of products that can help organizations reduce their environmental footprint. From electronic archives that reduce the need for physical prints to administrative solutions that help streamline workflows and optimize energy expenditure.

Climate and environment

Green transportation is a small but important step in the sustainable development

Climate changes, lifestyle diseases, and insufficient infrastructure, as cities are becoming more crowded and life outside the cities are becoming more distanced, are major political challenges. However, small initiatives of everyday life can make a considerable overall impact.


KMD aims to recycle and reuse 75% of our waste by 2020. In KMD we are very aware of our waste and how to best recycle it. Every year we recycle or reuse more than 62% of our waste. Our datacenters and printing operation recycles and reuses more than 82% of their waste, and we are working hard to reduce the percentage of waste going to landfills from our office and cafeteria facilities.

KMD headquarters in Ballerup, Denmark


KMD shines the spotlight on energy expenditure. Our focus is continuously on reducing our energy consumption. We continuously monitor the environmental impact of our employees’ transport and seek to minimize it by introducing better tools for online meetings, car-sharing, optimization of public transport to our locations and optimization of conditions for those who bike to work. It is our goal to develop fact sheets on our products’ potential to reduce the environmental and climate impact of our customers.

Climate Partnership

“Denmark must be a green pioneering country, and we must therefore stick to our ambitious climate goals.” Those were the words, when the Danish government introduced 13 climate partnerships each representing one or more branches within Danish business back in november 2019. CEO of KMD, Eva Berneke, was appointed chairman of the climate partnership for Service, It and Consultancy.

Environmental management

ISO 14001 helps elevate KMD’s environmental efforts. To reduce our environmental impact as much as possible, KMD has devised a decisive and ambitious plan for us to become a more sustainable business. Part of this plan was realized in 2013 when KMD gained our certification in the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management. Our ambitions are also made clear by our ambitious environmental policy which has been continuously updated since 2008, most recently in 2020.


KMD's products can help our customers reduce their CO2-emissions. IT is one of the most important catalysts for reducing the overall environmental impact on our society. IT allows us to reduce the need for physical products and services. Electronic archives and digital communication reduces the need for prints, and video conferences can reduce the need for physical meetings. Finally electronic data collection and analysis on patterns of energy expenditure can help identify areas where improvements are necessary and possible.


KMD has a clear position to reduce our carbon footprint through transport. Since 2010, we have had clear objectives to reduce our driving and air traffic. Therefore, we continuously monitor the environmental impact of transport in KMD, and we work to minimize it through the use of video conferencing, optimization of public transport to our locations and optimization of our facilities for bicycle commuters.

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