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In 2011 KMD committed to the UN Global Compact initiative that advocates for implementation and adherence to 10 principles tied to sustainability, human rights, labor conditions and anti-corruption. These are also the foundation of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

The commitment to UN Global Compact is a natural extension of our corporate DNA. As a company we have supported the modernization of Danish society during the last 40 years by developing state of the art digital solutions for local and central authorities.

Our approach

CSR Policy

We want to integrate sustainability in the development of our business as a whole. In KMD we are proud of our tradition of supporting central parts of the Danish welfare state. Danish citizens interact with KMD products each day from cradle to grave. Therefore it is natural for us to actively participate in the societies in which we exist and to accept the responsibilities and challenges this entails. In KMD we acknowledge CSR to be a continuous effort and hence we want to incorporate sustainability into our business and product development.

UN Global compact

The commitment to UN Global Compact is a natural extension of our corporate DNA. KMD joined the UN Global Compact initiative in November 2011. UN Global Compact is the world’s largest association of businesses that incorporates sustainability into their daily operations. Members are required to adhere to the 10 principles of sustainable corporate governance. The 10 principles are based on established international regulations in areas such as human rights, employee rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption.