In our work on social responsibility, we are very aware of both the possibilities and challenges of IT, and we have therefore chosen to focus on both.

In KMD, we are proud of our contribution to the development and operation of the Danish society. Together with our customers in the public and private sectors, we develop new functionalities and products on a daily basis that make life easier for the individual citizen and society run more efficiently.

IT is becoming an increasingly integral part of our everyday lives. Our contacts with authorities, employers, teachers, doctors as well as each other are increasingly driven by IT-systems and software. It offers great opportunities but it also presents challenges.

IT offers great opportunities to create new ways to work and communicate. Opportunities that can help us become smarter and better at solving many of the challenges we face as a society. But the large exchange of information and data also presents challenges in protecting personal data. Therefore, in KMD, we have a strong focus on data security and the protection of private information.

In KMD, we also aim at benefitting society with more than our products. That is why we support research projects, organize conferences, and publish analysis to help create social debate and insight into the areas that affect us collectively as citizens of Danish society. In doing so, we will involve the surrounding community in the vast knowledge that KMD has accumulated to the digital solutions market since 1972.

CORPORATE social responsibility

Focus on developing and strengthening the world around us.

Coding Class

How can KMD employees become motivated to prioritize waste sorting at the end of lunch in the canteen or to swap the car for the bike? 6.Å. at Valhøjs Alle Skole in Copenhagen had eight strong proposals for this when they presented their work in connection with the project Coding Class on 17 December 2020.

ReDI School Copenhagen Online Company Visit at KMD

ReDI School is a non-profit association that helps women with a refugee background to improve their IT skills in order to be able to navigate in a digitalized society like Denmark and to help them get a job in IT.

KMD is ‘going wild’

Everyone can go wild – even KMD – by supporting more wild and rich biodiversity in Denmark. The association 'Vild Med Vilje’ (Wild on Purpose) works to strengthen biodiversity in Danish nature by partnering with, for example, institutions, municipalities, or companies – and now KMD.


KMD supports the non-profit, High5Girls, whose mission is to inspire young girls and women to discover a passion for technology. For several years, KMD has collaborated with and supported initiatives that promote diversity and balanced gender distribution in the IT-sector, as well as motivating more young people to engage in IT.

Colleagues talking together

Mentoring provides great insight and joy

The WELCOME HOME Association was founded in 2016 and, annually, it helps more than 100 veterans transform experience and training from the Armed Forces into useful qualifications in civil business.

Helping others get ready for IT with ReDI

ReDI School Copenhagen is a non-profit run by volunteers who support women with a refugee or immigrant background to acquire digital skills, self-confidence, and a larger network to give them better opportunities in a digitized society.

Welcome home

KMD, together with a number of other large companies, has helped establish the Association Welcome Home, which helps war veterans into the labour market after completing service at the Armed Forces.

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Ditte Haugaard Clausen

Lead Sustainability Officer

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