Colleagues talking together

The majority of KMD’s almost 3500 employees are based in Ballerup, Denmark. Over 1000 of these are employed at our software and development center.

The KMD group counts nearly 3,500 employees. Our head office is in Ballerup, but we also have large offices in Odense, Aarhus, and Aalborg, placing us physically closer to many of our customers. We also have employees in Poland and with our collaboration partner in India.

In Poland, we have a development organization which liaises closely with project managers and developers in Denmark. We cooperate with the Danish project organization of Indian Tech Mahindra’s and their development center in India - for example in the SAP arena.

Our arrangements in relation to Poland and India give us access to specialists that are difficult to attract in Denmark. This creates greater flexibility for project manning and customer servicing. And yes, this is also a question of money. Our customers do not just demand quality; they demand competitive prices as well.